WordPress Plugins

Campus Administration Plugin

Campus Admin is a WordPress plugins written for Verisk to create a campus using WordPress as the base. A campus administers students while an EducatePress site presents a course. One campus would feed any number of courses. This plugin provides functions for student administration (signing up for a course) and reporting. EducatePress reporting is details […]

User Authentication Plugin

Often user authentication is done in another system such as Microsoft Active Directory or hooks into the corporate HR system. OneAuthentication is a WordPress plugins written for Verisk to enable user authentication via various campuses including a patent pending method into a SCORM campus.

EPPermissions Plugin

EPPermissions is a plugin to compliment EducatePress. It provides a facility to set individual user permissions. As an example can a user skip viewing a whole video or does the next button not activate for a specific time frame. In courses where the student is not there by choice, forcing specific flow as well as […]

EPTracking Plugin

EPTracking is WordPress plugins written for Verisk track viewer movement in a WordPress site. There are many tracking plugins providing powerful solutions. What was needed was a simple tracking solution that did not send tracking data outside the corporation as well as tracking details specific to the installation.

OneVideo Plugin

OneVideo is WordPress plugins written for Verisk to enable video and audio embedding in WordPress. There are many video and audio embedding plugins available. What was needed was one that had all of the capabilities we needed including: Support PC/Mac with Flash video Support iPad/iTouch/iPhone and Android with MP3/MP4 Support locally embedded Windows media with […]


EducatePress is a series of WordPress plugins written for Verisk to enable writing online education using WordPress as the base. WordPress provides the core user administration as well as page/post authoring. EducatePress enables over 70 markup commands for controlling student flow, quiz/exam support, scoring, students taking notes and tracking student activity. Over 75 courses authored […]

Amazon S3 Storage Support

Amazon Web Services offers Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). S3 is useful for providing large amounts of storage such as would be used for audio or video. Two key capabilities needed for S3 work is uploading files as well as providing encoded calls to access files that were set as sensitive while uploading. Chapter […]

WP-Cupping Plugin

I wanted a way to create a WordPress plugin that enabled me to build coffee cupping charts for my Coffee Troupe blog. I started with a PHP library called pChart pchart.sourceforge.net and modified it to make it into a WordPress plugin. The syntax to build this sample is: [TASTE:Yirgacheffe Ethiopia:8.5,9,8.5,8.75,9.1,9.5,8.5,8,7.5] – uses the cached image […]

MemByPost Plugin

A client asked for a small WordPress plugin to permit restricting page and post access to members only. Now there are a number of plugins that restrict the whole blog to members only but this plugin permits you to restrict an individual post or page without restricting the whole site.

Coffee Roast Plotting Plugin

This plugin was written to graph coffee roasting temperature values. The user uses markup to give the profile values. This plugin builds on JSXGraph (www.jsxgraph.org) Details of the plugin can be found at: http://webmasterinresidence.ca/webmasterinresidence/?p=511