Rich Helms – eLearning Platform Development

1980 – Invented the programming language RICH/AIM for writing on-line education and demonstrations. Enabled running demo presentations on IBM 5280, S/34 and S/38. The language and demonstrations written with the language were credited with saving the IBM Corporation 650 man years worldwide ($60 million US). This work was recognized with the second highest honour that IBM awards for technical work.

1981 – Invented prototype software based on AIM/RICH that became the IBM InfoWindow system used for multimedia education and kiosks. This was IBM’s first entry into the multimedia market.

1993 – Led team that authored “Experience C++ – A Multimedia Tutorial” CD-ROM. Improved productivity of development five-fold over conventional approaches. This was the first CD-ROM content title that IBM Canada wrote. The purpose of the CD was to teach C++ and object-oriented programming. The first edition sold out in two weeks and was into third printing in three months. Received three awards, two from IBM, including “one of the top five publication innovations in the IBM Corporation for 1994”, and one from the Society for Technical Communications.

2000 – Created Learn it Script (LiS) for online education. LiS was driven by two key needs. First to support high quality video without streaming and second fast authoring to lower the authoring costs. Video was supported on a local CD or server while the course resided on a web server. Host support enabled lower maintenance costs while support for local video eliminated the need for high speed connections. A dial-up connection performed like high speed. Authoring was 10X quicker than available competition. Supported AICC.

2008 – Created EducatePress (EP) for online education. EducatePress built on the concepts in LiS but support multi-site authoring and testing. EducatePress expanded browser support to all popular PC/Mac browsers as well as iPad/iPhone/iPod. EducatePress also supports SCORM integration. EP language has grown to over 70 commands. Supports SCORM and detailed student tracking.

2011 – Converted several books to Amazon Kindle format with full capabilities including chapter and audio reading support. Fluent in Kindle and Apple iBooks Author.

2012 – Hyper-scalable eLearning platforms with thousands of students taking a course concurrently and applying gamification technology.